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Helping Migrants and Refugees Settle into the Community

Welcome to Humanity Concern Projects. We specialise in migrant support in London, offering asylum seeker help, support for disadvantaged families and individuals and refugee resettlement.

Creating a new life in a new country isn't easy. Many new migrants face difficulties communicating with people, finding work and making friends. We aim to provide the right support that will help people settle into London and England.

We offer a range of services and activities to help families and individuals receive the assistance they need. We offer a safe and supportive environment where everyone is welcome, no matter their migration status.

We are supported by a number of partners and are committed to promoting a sense of belonging and community in London.




If you would like to learn more about our migrant support in London, please contact us at Humanity Concern Projects.

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Migrant Support Charity in New Cross and London elderly hands being held by younger adult


Our Vision

  • To facilitate the integration and re-settlement of refugees and immigrants, particularly the vulnerable.
  • To promote cultural identity, independent living, and positive images.
  • To create an organisation that nurtures and draws strength from its beneficiaries through approaches that recognise and respect their cultural experiences and values.
  • To commit to transparency and integrity.

If you would like to learn more about our migrant support in London, please contact us at Humanity Concern Projects.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of our charity is to improve the welfare of refugees/immigrants and their dependants.

We seek to:

  • Relieve financial hardship.
  • Advance education and training.
  • Educate the public in general about issues relating to refugees and those seeking asylum.
  • Improve facilities for recreation for migrants.
  • Support disadvantaged, marginalised and vulnerable refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants.
  • Rebuild lives through integration by widening access to social welfare services including accommodation, healthcare training, education and recreation.


Migrant Support Charity in New Cross and London migrants receiving education in a workshop


Our Services and Activities

Advice and Signposting

Finding the right support can be hard if you are in a new country. We provide advice and signposting services to enable migrants and refugees access welfare, housing and health services.

Training and Employment

We offer training and employment to support migrants and refugees. This includes English classes, volunteer schemes and skills workshops.

Health and Wellbeing

Our health and wellbeing workshops provide migrants and refugees with the knowledge and skills they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.


Family Support

(Women and Children)

Our family support encompasses skill classes and school and holiday programmes to help mothers and young children settle into the community.

Elderly Support

We combat isolation by running projects and recreational activities for elderly migrants to settle into the community and make friends.

Young Adults

Young adults new to the country can take part in our sports and recreational activities. We also run workshops to develop skills, improve learning and assist disadvantaged children.




Our Objectives

Migrant Support Charity in New Cross and London volunteers sorting and boxing food parcels


  • To promote the health and wellbeing of refugees and immigrants, through culturally and linguistically appropriate service interventions e.g., workshops, seminar sessions, advice and signposting. The goal of which is to address the challenges of settlement and integration.
  • To promote cultural values, pride of identity, a culture of participation and service to community as well as a sense of belonging to refugees and immigrants. We achieve this by organising cultural events, trips and promoting volunteering.
  • To advise, educate and influence service through networking meetings, collaboration, advocacy and consultations; to advance the needs of refugees and immigrants.
  • To offer appropriate practical and emotional support by organising support groups, home visits and telephone calls to enable individuals to live independently. To make informed choices and actively participate in the community through befriending and buddying.
  • To improve the economic position of refugees and immigrants and their families by encouraging them to contribute to the regeneration of their communities through training and employment support and facilitation as well as income generating activities.
  • To advance the health and wellbeing of refugees and immigrants through awareness, information and outreach support.




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